***Final Enchanted announcement 7th April 2014 ***

Hello everybody!

We want to thank everybody who made this event possible, it has been a great two days and we hope you enjoyed your time as much as possible.

First of all, we want to thank Yuko Ashizawa from Atelier Pierrot, Kunika Ono, Hitomi Nomura from Grimoire, Minori and her manager Yoko Itoh from Qualia Junction and Hirokawa Yumi from Uplift Tokyo, it was wonderful having you as our guests of honour and we hope you had a great time at the event. Thanks for your participation at the fashion show, the tea party, all the other activities and for your generous donations.

We also want to thank Juliette et Justine and Fairywish for sending their clothes, thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to showcase your amazing designs.

Thanks Kawaii International for filming our event, it was a honour and we cannot wait to see the final result! Thanks also for the lovely donations for our raffle.

Thanks to our amazing vendors: Atelier Dormir, Belongina, Curse of Cute, Cloudberry Lady, Dreamy Bows, Ergi by Piratessan, Fidel David, Femme Jolie, Lockshop wigs, Madame Chocolat, Mossbadger, Peacockalorum/Stocking Shock and Roxie Sweetheart. Thanks a lot for bringing your items to Enchanted and donating to the raffle, it was a pleasure hosting such a great collection of awesome brands. You can find more info about the vendors here: http://streetfashioneurope.doomby.com/pages/archives/enchanted.html#page3

We also want to thank all the shops and individuals who donated items for the raffle, thank you so much! You all helped us making a lot of people happy You can find more info about the donators here: http://streetfashioneurope.doomby.com/pages/archives/enchanted.html#page4

Thanks to the volunteers, the models and everybody who offered their help, it was very much appreciated, we could not have done without you!
We also would like to thank our super talented official photographers: Ania Ortiz de Lejarazu, Becca from League of Extraordinary Cosplayers, Marie Tuonetar and Saoirse Clohessy. You can find more info about them here: http://streetfashioneurope.tumblr.com/tagged/photographer-spotlight

Thanks to the incredible illustrators who worked on the logo and graphics for our group: Serali and Tentaclething, you can find more info about them here: http://streetfashioneurope.tumblr.com/tagged/artist-spotlight

Thanks to Die Milch for letting us play their beautiful music, and to Julia Mascetti and Megan Valentine/Heroine Syndrome for bringing their amazing tunes to the Enchanted party, and for offering your help on the day.

Thanks to all the European communities involved in this and their respective organizers for all their hard work. A special thanks to the Tea Party Club and Kyra for hosting the first Street Fashion Europe event.
Please, from now on contact us about Street Fashion Europe at streetfashioneurope@gmail.com and follow our facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/StreetFashionEurope

We will feature our represented communities' events, give you updates about our future events and you will also find more info about Enchanted.
Thanks again everybody! It was amazing having you there, and we hope you enjoyed your time and will consider coming to our future events


Sfe roses


***November 2013 ***

Street Fashion Europe is a collaboration between the various lolita communities throughout Europe with the aim to work together, and unite lolitas within Europe and with Japan.
Sharing contacts and friendships, we hope to be able to create some wonderful opportunities for the lolitas of Europe, including this annual event which aims to be hosted in a different country each year.

in association with

Candy Day Frankfurt
EGL Portugal
Enfant Terrible
French Cafe

Fluff it Like a Puffin
Gothic Lolita Zone
Gothic & Lolita community Russia

Lolita in Wonderland
Lolitas from the Netherlands
Lolitas of Belgium
The Tea Party Club

Our first event Enchanted will be hosted by The Tea Party Club!

Enchanted logo


Date: 5th April 2014

Location: Gibson Hall, 13 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 3BA, United Kingdoms

Featuring three special guests, stalls, fashion show and more!

★Yuko Ashizawa, CEO and designer from Atelier Pierrot
She's very excited to visit London for the 1st time !
Atelier Pierrot is famous for their beautiful gothic and classic pieces, especially their elaborate ruffled skirts and dresses.

★Minori, model and artist★
Famous for her unique and delicate looks and for popularising the shironuri (white face) style.
Minori is an established and talented illustrator, as well as a skilled model and makeup artist.

★Hitomi Nomura, head designer and buyer at Grimoire
Hitomi models on the Grimoire website, designs Grimoire's unique items, scours the world for select vintage items for the Grimoire shop and oversees the staff at both Grimoire shops! She will be bringing tights from her new collection for you to buy!


Besides the main event we will be hosting a teapartyat the Rubens Hotel in Victoria on Sonday 6th April with traditional English hightea.
All special guests will also attend the teaparty as well.


Enchanted 5th April 2014:
14.00 - VIP entry (£55)
15.00 - GA entry (£40)
19.00 - Event ends to allow anyone who needs to travel a long distance time to get home
19.00-21.00 - optional party with live music and a bar

GA includes entry, shopping, fashion shows, dessert buffet, bring and buy, raffle and meeting special guests Hitomi Nomura from Grimoire, Minori and Yuko Ashizawa from Atelier Pierrot

VIP includes all of the above, early entry, prioritised seating, a gift bag and a glass of sparkling wine or non-alcoholic alternative

Enchanted tea party 6th April 2014:

13.00 - entry
13.30 - tea is served
15.30 - we can move to a private room with pay bar (limited room)

£30 including traditional British afternoon tea (sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam and cakes), gift and a raffle

Tickets for both days are limited


***UPDATE 23th March 2014***

We are super excited to announce our additional special guests !

Kunika Ono, sweets artist

She an incredibly talented artist who has collaborated with Barbie, Grimoire, Lesportsac, Angelic Pretty and many more! Her work is in the next Angelic Pretty mook. Kunika will be selling fake sweets at Enchanted !

Hirokawa Yumi, one of the founders of Uplift Tokyo

A multifaceted organisation, UT’s main projects at this current time are
-Lorina Liddell ( select shop for various brands including Excentrique and Triple Fortune )
-Overseas agent of fashion brand: Alice Auaa
-Fashion business consulting & agency , and coming soon fashion blog!

We are also very happy and honored to welcome for both Enchanted event and Echanted Tea Party... KAWAII INTERNATIONAL !! 

The famous TV program from NHK World will be present to film and report the events !

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Banner graphics created by tentaclething

Press and Media


01) Thanks so much to Worlds End for featuring Enchanted, it is a honor! Worlds End is the blog for the Vivienne Westwood boutique at 30 King’s Road, London.And congrats to the beautiful ladies who got featured, you look stunning!

02) Nihongogo, a Japanese entertainment news website from the US have written about Minori and Enchanted!  shironuri-artist-minori-going-to-london-for-enchanted-event

03) Lorina Lidell, select shop for various Japanese brands, have attended Enchanted as special guest and blogged out the event! Thank you for coming!

04) Event review  from the  League of extraordinary Cosplayers.

05) Our official EGL recap post

06)  Belgian Cupcakes Magazine ( BCM ) issue # 18 includes a photographic report on page 27-28. You can download the pdf here .Thanks to our official photographers and to BCM for featuring Enchanted!

07) A great interview to Heroine Syndrome by League of Extraordinary cosplayers about their experience at Enchanted and more. Please click here for the article.

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We are very pround that Kawaii International ( NHK World ) featured us in the episode number 23 which went on air on 26th & 27th April 2014 


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The Enchanted event has been featured in MyM Magazine issue 26( thank you Saoirse Clohessy for writing the article )

and also in  NEO Magazine, Issue 124 ( thanks to Mary-Ann Russon  for the photo )


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Some great blog posts about Enchanted!

-Blogs from organisers, photographers and vendors

01) atelierdormir.blogspot ( vendor )

02) deer-alice.blogspot ( organiser )

03) marietuonetar.blogspot I , part II  and part  III ( photographer )

04) cutetravels.com ( organiser )

05) Lunieshop.com part I , part IIpart IIIpart IV, part V ( organiser )

06) red-tonic.blogspot ( organiser )

07) roxiesweetheart.blogspot ( vendor )

08) http://myaumania.com/ ( donator )

09) http://www.rosaneve.com ( in Italian, donator )


-Blogs from our lovely attendants

01) libbypeaches.tumblr.com

02) cemeterydreamer.blogspot

03) fireextinquisher.blogspot

04) ookahblog.blogspot

05) geishababy.blogspot

06) anthropophagie at livejournal ( in French )

07) laceteapot.co.uk part I and part II

08) camelie-fiolere.blogspot.

09) luna-rain.blogspot part I   and part II

10) lolita-glamour.blogspot part I and part II

11) finnythewise.tumblr



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Videos on Youtube

01) Video by Nadina Osmani

02) Video by Amelia Grisdale

03) Vlog from CrazysporkIam about Enchanted event

04) Vlog from CrazysporkIam about Enchanted teaparty

05) Minori says thank you to all who gave her gifts at Enchanted

06) Enchanted Fashion show , by Akari Hino

07) Minori´s make up tutorial on stage, by Madmoiselle Rachel Rose

08) Heroine Syndrome - Live Acoustic @ Enchanted 05/14/14

09) Vlog from Taylor Williams

10) Video featuring stalls from Madmoiselle Rachel Rose#

11) Enchanted feature by Akari Hino

12) Enchanted tea party feature by Akari Hino


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Pictures from both Enchanted event and teaparty

01) Our official Flickr album 

02) Our offcial Tumblr with event and other inspirational pictures

03) Instragram of one of our organizers

04) Pictures from Saoirse Clohessy Photography on FB ( official photographer )

05) Anh Binh Photography on FB

06) Pictures from one of our donators, Myau Mania on FB


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Our Offical photographers

Saoirse Clohessy Photography

Ania Oz. de Lejarazu Photography

League of Extraordinary Cosplayers

Marie Tuonetar Photography



We are very proud to present our official vendors at Enchanted. Our various stalls and vendors will offer you a unique shopping experience!

Special Guests Atelier Pierrot, Grimoire, Minori, Uplift Tokyo and Kunika Ono will have their own stalls.
Furthermore we will offer a small range of brand new, directly sent from Japan, Juliette et Justine and Fairy Wish items for sale.

Besides the Japanese brands various indie designers and brands will attend our event. Please check out our list below


 20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed


Atelier Dormir

An entire Atelier dedicated to Bloomers and Luxury Lounge wear,with the slogan "Doing nothing has never looked so good!" 
We offer entirely home designed garments drafted by ourselves. With a long term ambition of providing outstanding quality and customer service.We will be sparing no expense that we can and going to all efforts to make your Enchanted experience,just that little bit more enchanting. We hope to see you at our stall this spring and are deliriously excited to meet our customers! Fancy having a gander at some bloomers? We wont judge.

Atelierdormier 1


20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed



Your jewelery is the key to your world full of sparkling memories.It bears the traces of your past or your characters for the future, in most simple appearance.It connects your soul with your body and brings out your given beauty.

The jewelery pieces are made in Germany by the owner of Belongina, Goldsmith Ina Jauk, independently from the sketch up to the finished jewelery, with attention to detail. Empathy in your concepts and ideas, as well as the commitment to quality of craftsmanship and materials are the conditions of her work. She uses classic metals such as silver and various gold alloys, as well as precious gems and pearls and other experimental materials. "Belongina" is always looking for joint projects and cooperation with other artists and companies.

Logo belongina 01

20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed


Dreamy Bows

Dreamy Bows is a UK-based shop specialising in cute Japanese street fashion styles. Our aim is to spread style inspiration by offering J-fashion followers in Europe a wide selection of hard-to-find Japanese fashion and beauty items, without the fees and shipping issues associated with buying straight from Japan. We are the UK distributors for Angelic Pretty. Following the amazing time that was had at Frock On! last year, Dreamy Bows is very excited to be exhibiting at Enchanted. We will be offering a wide range of beautiful Angelic Pretty items including clothing, jewellery, accessories and bags, as well as super cute Chocomint accessories and Japanese branded cosmetics and false lashes. We can't wait to see you there!



20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed


Cloudberry Lady

Cloudberry Lady is a lolita brand providing innovative and high-quality lolita garments and accessories made and designed in Finland. The brand was established at 2009 by a fashion designer Tuulia Lautamaja. Cloudberry Lady started as a small project by two design students but with the support of our customers we have been able to reach so much more than we ever dreamed of.. and nowadays we have learned to dream big to match the desires of our dear customers!
Lately we have expanded our assortment with high-guality headwear created with professional millinery techniques and outstanding footwear in collaboration with talented footwear designer Emma Tsurumoto. On top of that, we have started to collaborate with "Imagine and do" a scrapbooking and paper crafting company with the most loveliest illustrations which we couldn't resist to share with the lolita world.

We are proud to be able to present our headwear, handmade leather shoes and unique garments at Enchanted!




20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Curse of Cute

Curse of Cute is a new brand.
Specialising in alternative accessories, theatrical embellishments and handcrafted touches for your magical ensembles.Inspired by the wild streets of Tokyo, the lavish courts of Versailles and the Drag queens of Vegas. Expect strings of pearls and fistfuls of glitter.
We can’t wait to show you our shiny things. See you at Enchanted!

Curse of cute logo first

20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed


Ergi by Piratessan

Hello! This is Piratessan from Swedish shop and fashion brand Ergi by Piratessan. Ergi opened its doors back in 2006, selling handmade dresses, bloomers and accessories. Since then business has grown quite radically and today we happily retail many other brands together with our own. In our booth you will find goods from Innocent World, Chocomint, LIEF and Metamorphose as well as western indie brands.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you all at Enchanted!




20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Fidel David

Second star to the right. Clean up the clouds if they don´t allow you to see the sky. It´s the sky where everyone dreams when we close the eyes every night. Each dream is changing, like the dreamer. Each dreamer is his freedom´s owner in his ballroom.
And wielding the needles, with a foot in dreamland and other in reality, we can find Fidel David and his work.
Among lace and organza, silk and velvet. Every design belongs to one concept, where imagination dances freely to its own rhythm. Unique, as every stitch. Inspired and daring, like the mind of the insomniacs.
Open the music box, and open your eyes wide. Dreams become fabric and visit daylight.





20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Femme Jolie

Femme Jolie is family business dedicated to producing beautiful lolita clothing and accessories, individually tailored to suit all shapes and sizes. We strive to create pieces that overflow with elegance and decadence, channelling our fashion icon Marie Antoinette. Like our favourite french queen, we love extravagance and never hold back on the lace, frills and bows that make all our designs so unique. 
Though our designs are inspired by the french rococo period, our brand is stoically British, as each item is lovingly handcrafted in London and all our fabrics have been sourced from the UK. Our clothing is made from 100% cotton in a range of prints that will suit classic, gothic and sweet styles alike. We have a number of designs that can be made in any of the fabrics we stock, giving our customers the opportunity to get creative!

We cannot wait to showcase our brand at Enchanted!


 Femme jolie logo


20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Lockshop Wigs

Lockshop Wigs is an European wig brand that sells original designed wigs and some accessories. While it originally mainly ment to cater to lolita styles and other Japanese fashion, we now have all kinds of customers all over the world and our wigs are great for both dressing up and casual wear.


20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Madame Chocolat

Based in Barcelona, Madame Chocolat is an alternative fashion shop specialized in Lolita and Japanese Fashions, Steampunk and Goth style. Victorian inspirations, Alice in wonderland and Kawaii Culture are the top of Madame Chocolat. We also carry lots of second hand items of well-known japanese Lolita & Punk brands !

Logomc 1


20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed



Mossbadger ( remote vendor )

Mossbadger produces limited edition garments, accessories and textiles that are hand-silkscreened in Chicago and digitally printed by Spoonflower. Our prints are influenced by symbology, folklore, history, and magic. We specialize in silhouettes based on Japanese street fashion, and vintage Anglophilia.


Mb square logo

20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed


Greetings from Peacockalorum! I am really looking forward to seeing in a fabulous Spring with you all at Enchanted.

This year I'll be continuing to develop new prints and customisable clothing, with more of a focus on seasonal and themed collections.
I will be bringing some limited edition Enchanted-only items so please look out for those!



20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed


Roxie Sweetheart

Roxie Sweetheart; Cute and Kawaii jewellery with a twisted edge - for the Harajuku girl in you!
The words 'Cute' and 'Kawaii' ultimately have the same meanings - however with Roxie Sweetheart the word 'Cute' relates to the British origin of the brand (and inspiration from vintage childrens illustration and toys) The word 'Kawaii' relates to the Japanese influence on the designs - fashion, culture and music.

Roxie Sweetheart hand-make and sell a variety of jewellery and accessories which feature unique and whimsical illustrations! Expect glittery floral hairpieces, t shirts with cute illustrations, vintage fawn rings and fairytale themed pieces with unicorns and mermaids!




We would like to thank following shops and brands for their generous donation of prizes for our raffle at both Enchanted and Enchanted teaparty!


Akari Hino

20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Ash & Rose

Ig cuoz eym

20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Chérie Cerise

Copy web logo1

20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Christeline Fashion

1900322 630079660401423 1833727383 o

20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Dolly House


20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Fairytales Of


20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Happy Goth


20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed


1604586 10200233964850107 1939625607 n

20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed



20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed


Luniehop 1

20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Mad Tea Party


20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Marshmallow Unicorn

Logotip marshmallow unicorn

20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Menthe Chocolat

1458454 635506399841456 263672398 n

20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed



20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed


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20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed



20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Painkiller´s Creations

625471 436215296465500 1584629452 n

20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed


Pizzicato Kei


20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Senor Bear


20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed



20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Sugar Trampoline

Sugar trampoline brand logo

20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Talking To Myself


20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed



20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Tsuki Designs

994069 406044466193970 1920972982 n


20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

Vanilla´s Traumfabrik

Vanilla 1

20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed


Logo werkbank white 1

20110916 2150391 zpsc6f563ed

8th Sin Creations


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