Under the Sea


♡ Final announcement ♡

Hello from Street Fashion Europe!

We want to thank everybody who made this event possible, we hope you enjoyed your time in Amsterdam and went back home with a lot of good memories and a chest full of wonders.
First of all, we want to thank our wonderful guests of honour: Mari Nakamura from Juliette et Justine, Mariko Suzuki, Akira, Mamechiyo, Kimura U, Koitsukihime, and Ayumi Watanabe from RoseMarie seoir. We hope you had a wonderful time meeting your European fans and we are very happy to have been able to host you in Amsterdam.

We also want to thank Atelier Pierrot, Chérie Cerise, Long Ears and Sharp Ears' Studio & PINK UP, Loputyn, Milkribbon, Mulberry Chronicles, My inspiration, Pastel Allsorts, Princess Royal, and Victoria’s Kingdom for sending their clothes and accessories for our remote vending stall, thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to showcase your amazing designs.

Thanks to our amazing vendors: Fantastic Grim, I Do Declare, Li-Paro, Lockshop wigs, Mighty Kingdom, Miss Danger, Mossbadger, Moss Märchen, Narcissique Couture, Owloli, Peacockalorum, Summer Tales Boutique, Violet Fane, and Voodooodolly.

You can learn more about this stunning collection of brands from all over the world here :

Thanks so much to the very generous brands and individuals who donated to Under the Sea! It really blows us away to have the support of so many incredibly talented creators and we want to thank you for making the raffle so exciting. You can find more info about our lovely donators here: http://streetfashioneurope.doomby.com/pages/current-events/under-the-sea/donators.html

Now it’s time to thank the people who made this event possible: thanks so much to the volunteers, models and everybody who helped us along the way! We could never put together these events without your generosity and dedication, thanks a lot you wonderful people!

We also would like to thank our official photographers, who are all super stars: Anh Binh, C0re2 Photography, Sanni Siira, and Simone van der Steen, as well as our official videographers, the My inspiration team! You can check pictures from the event here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/122661574@N05/sets/72157666220168784 and from the tea party here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/122661574@N05/sets/72157666220168784

Thanks to all the European communities involved in this and their representatives for all their hard work.
And finally thanks to everyone who came to Under the Sea, we are truly grateful for your support and we hope you had a great time! Follow our facebook page for updates on future events.

If you write a blog post or make a video about Under the Sea you can send us a message to have it featured on our page at: streetfashioneurope@gmail.com

Remember to tag your pictures/posts with ‪#‎undertheseaevent‬ on Tumblr and Twitter and we will reblog them!

You can check the event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1507246329587759/

Street Fashion Europe



Street Fashion Europe is a collaboration between the various lolita communities throughout Europe with the aim to work together, and unite lolitas within Europe and with Japan.
Sharing contacts and friendships, we hope to be able to create some wonderful opportunities for the lolitas of Europe, including this annual event which aims to be hosted in a different country each year.

In association with:

Candy Day Frankfurt
EGL Portugal
Lolita Finland
French Cafe
Fluff it Like a Puffin
Arsenico e vecchi merletti
Gothic & Lolita community Russia
Spanish Lolita Alliance
Lolitas from the Netherlands
The Tea Party Club

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On Saturday 7 May you will be able to experience Under the Sea at the Royal Tropical Institute, Mauritskade 64 1092 AD, Amsterdam! Right in the city center, this monumental neo-Renaissance building will welcome a horde of pirates, princesses, and mermaids in a gorgeous setting. Join us in the grand marble hall and balcony, which displays 12 different kinds of marble! Here you can chat and shop to your heart’s content! Then, take your seat in the Grote Zaal (Grand Hall) where our show will take place!

The next day, Sunday 8 May, there will be a wonderful tea party at another amazing venue, The 5* InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam at Professor Tulpplein 1, 1018 GX, Amsterdam. The tea party will take place from 12:00 to 17:00. 


  • Juliette et Justine and designer Mari Nakamura
  • Mariko Suzuki, former chief editor of Gothic & Lolita Bible, Lolicate, KERA Maniax and more!
  • Akira
  • RoseMarie seoir (Syrup) and designer Ayumi Watanabe
  • Kimura Yu
  • Koitsukihime
  • Mamechiyo

Juliette et Justine

We are super excited to announce our first guest; Juliette et Justine and designer Mari Nakamura!! (⌒▽⌒)☆

Mari Nakamura, head designer of the well-known classic lolita brand, gets mainly inspired by paintings from the 16th and 17th century. Nakamura san feels that clothing is like an armour to protect your soul, so having a masterpiece on your dress will help you become more beautiful and elegant. She thinks romance and elegance are the main point of Lolita. When she was a teenager, Nakamura san started to see lolitas in the street and that is how she got into the fashion. Five years later, she founded her own company!

40% of Juliette et Justine’s customer base is overseas and at Under the Sea you will not only be able to see their beautiful pieces in the fashion show, but you can also see, feel and buy them at the JetJ stall! (o´▽`o)

We are overly excited to welcome this amazing brand and its designer to Under the Sea!



Street Fashion Europe is happy to announce the appearance of model and singer Akira! (≧◡≦) ♡

Akira is a long time GLB and KERA model, but is also a member of the band DISACODE and a solo artist, making her debut with the theme song to the anime Black Butler: Book of Circus.

Famous for wearing boy-style clothing, Akira is sure to be an interesting guest.

We hope you are looking forward to meeting her as much as we are! ♡ (˘▽˘>ԅ( ˘⌣˘)

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Mariko Suzuki

We are very excited to announce our second guest appearing at Under the Sea (≧◡≦) ♡

Mariko Suzuki is the former chief editor of the Gothic and Lolita Bible and Kera magazine, and is a very influential figure in Japanese street fashion.

Since leaving GLB, Suzuki san has been involved in a number of projects:
In 2014 she joined forces with Arika Takarano of Ali Project and Kaie Tada of Triple Fortune to create Lolicate, a new amazing lolita art photo magazine which was launched at a Tokyo party. 
This year she produced ‘Lolita in Tokyo Wonderland’ a bilingual guide to lolita fashion shops, restaurants, museums and photo spots in Tokyo (http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOBK-1776994)
She has also worked with Juliette et Justine at their recent Tokyo parties, Gothic & Lolita Bible and is often seen at Steam Garden (http://www.tokyosteampunk.com/) and at parties for major lolita brands. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

We are very happy to welcome her to Under the sea and hope you look forward to our informative programme! We are sure it’ll be an interesting experience for all attendees! 。.:☆*:・'(*⌒―⌒*)))

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Ayumi Watanabe - RoseMarie seoir

Street Fashion Europe is very happy to announce Ayumi Watanabe and her brand RoseMarie seoir.

Formally know as Himitsu by Syrup - or just ‘Syrup’ - Watanabe’s brand has skyrocketed in popularity this last year, with a branch in Laforet, Harajuku and two branches in Shibuya.

The style of clothing is unique to the brand but is popular with lovers of Larme kei and many other Japanese fashions due to the soft pastel colour palette and versatile accessories. (≧◡≦) ♡

You can buy fabulous accessories and clothes direct from the stall on the day and Ayumi Watanabe will also be joining our stage shows.

We are super excited to see RoseMarie seoir at Under the Sea and we hope you share our enthusiasm! ♡ ( ˘⌣˘)

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Kimura U

Street Fashion Europe is thrilled to announce yet another guest for Under the Sea! Joining our line-up is a treat for sweet style lovers; Kawaii Ambassador, designer and model Kimura U! (´。• ω •。`) ♡

Kimura U started off as a singer in a band where she was spotted for creating wonderful accessories which were sold at their concerts. Creating her own clothes as well she was quickly spotted by KERA magazine and asked to become a ‘handmade expert’ for the magazine. She also became a KERA model and a model for Angelic Pretty.

In 2009 she was appointed as Kawaii Ambassador by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (This is the official KA title and unrelated to Misako Aoki’s Japan Association). In 2012 she launched her own brand KOKOkim. Her look is Moehara or ‘a love for Harajuku’!

Kimura U is a big anime fan and has also launched several collaboration pieces as well as doing voice acting. We’re very happy to announce that she will be selling her clothes, modelling and even singing live at the event!

In her own words: “I am the most pink creator of the world. I am the KAWAII ambassador in Japan”

Let's give her a massive welcome to Amsterdam!

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We hope you are sitting down because we are not done yet with putting together the most amazing guest line ever! We are incredibly honored to announce that renowned doll artist Koitsukihime will be joining us at Under the Sea! ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ

Her dolls are exquisite works of art and are a reinterpretation of Victorian porcelain dolls according to her unique sensibility. You will be swept away by the delicacy and intensity of feelings her dolls evoke and we are elated to welcome such a wonderful artist among us!

Koitsukihime is known for designing Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s iconic original stained glass print which was later re-released in different cuts under their Alice and the Pirates line. Recently Koitsukihime also collaborated with Juliette et Justine for two special dresses!

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We are super excited to announce our final guest for Under the Sea! Joining one of the biggest guest lists ever is kimono designer Mamechiyo, of the brand Mamechiyo Modern! (≧◡≦) ♡

Mamechiyo is a renowned modern kimono designer who combines traditional Japanese aesthetics with high fashion and contemporary style. She describes her kimonos as modern landscapes, where the Eastern and Western worlds collide. Her kimonos are akin to puzzle pieces, bridging disparate moments in history: both contemporary and classical. Authentic and traditional is combined with cute for a look that attracts both veteran kimono fans and a young generation.

Mamechiyo has published two books, had fashion shows worldwide; including Toronto and Amsterdam, collaborated with makeup brand Shu Uemura and designed kimono for Blythe dolls. She has also designed exclusive products for the Van Gogh museum and has one of her kimonos in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s permanent collections.

There will be an exclusive fashion show of Mamechiyo Modern designs at Under the Sea! We really hope you’re as excited as we are to watch it!

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Fantastic Grim

The name Fantastic Grim stands for "an omen laced with fanciful wonder", bringing together the light and dark sides of fairy tales. Fantastic Grim opened in 2013, offering a variety of affordable charm jewelry and accessories made from mixed media. FG has an eclectic mix of accessory designs that fall under various substyles such as Lolita, Mori, Dolly Kei and even Steampunk.

"My inspiration comes from a love of dolls and miniatures, most of the charms I use are reminiscent of the bedtime tales I read as a child. I make an effort to produce items that are not only appealing, but reasonably priced so you can change your look as often as you'd like."


I Do Declare

"Founded in 2007, I Do Declare is a New York City based clothing brand that takes it's inspiration from historical fashions spanning a multitude of time periods, most notably Rococo, Regency and the elegant Baroque era."

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Hello everyone! 
We are glad to be a part of an amazing SFE-Event again and we can't wait to meet you! 
Li-Paro is a small fashion brand, based in Hamburg, Germany. We are offering handmade clothes inspired by Lolita and Kawaii fashion, flower jewelry made out of real flowers and small accessories. Additionally, we are also collaborating with illustrators, to create our own original prints. The latest print was our "Clever Fox", keep your eyes peeled for our next releases <3
Most of our items are one of a kind, but we are also open for commissions and to create something special just for you.

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Lockshop Wigs

Lockshop Wigs is an European wig brand that sells original designed wigs, as well as some accessories. While the brand originally mainly meant to cater to lolita styles and other Japanese fashion, they now have all kinds of customers all over the world, and their wigs are great for both dressing up and casual wear.



Mighty Kingdom

Mighty Kingdom’s work focuses on Classic Lolita, but over the years, she has also branched out into Sweet and Gothic elements. Her specialty is bringing the dreams of her clients to life with attention to detail and high quality materials. Even their original prints are produced exclusively by the designer herself and her designs are timeless and elegant.

She is always open for commissions and produces everything from basic blouses, elegant underskirts and original, fairytale-inspired prints, to handmade headpieces like veils, crowns, and bows. Aside from posting finished products, the designer also blogs about her creative process on Facebook, posting sketches of new designs and prints regularly.

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Miss Danger

Miss danger is an indie-brand from Russia. We make gothic&lolita hats, bonnets, headdresses and some lolita accessories. Our aesthetics lies between fashion and theater and it is heavily influenced by both. We believe details are the most important for the perfect look and we will be happy to add some unique elements to your outfits. It's pleasure for us to take part in SFE event again! We already can't wait to bring new items and also we can make any custom orders for the event such as pirate and sailor themed items. Just contact us!

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Mossbadger produces limited edition handmade garments and accessories. We utilize hand screenprinting, digital textile printing, resin casting, and classic millinery techniques. Our designs are influenced by symbology, folklore, history and magic, and we specialize in silhouettes based on Japanese street fashion and vintage anglophilia.

Mb square logo

Moss Märchen

Moss Märchen is an accessories brand featuring handmade pieces just right for any fairy tale witch and forest prince or princess. Attendees at Under the Sea can expect some old favorite Moss Märchen designs as well as new designs sold for the first time at this event!

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Narcissique Couture

Narcissique Couture loves to design eccentric clothes for narcissistic people. Narcissique Couture designs are based on melancholic, antique and decadent fashions, inspired by many different styles. Come to explore this "universum", heavily influenced by subcultures as Gothic & Lolita, as well as antique concepts like decadence, opulence and narcissism.

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Owloli is a French designer who produces all kinds of accessories and clothes. Her inspiration comes from Japanese fashions like Lolita, Mori, Dolly, et Larme Kei. Her creations featuring laces, veils, pearls, feathers and delicate flowers would fit any style!

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Peacockalorum makes both custom and ready-to-wear basics and luxuries: OTT hats and bonnets, cuffs to match any outfit, and dreamy chiffon blouses and underskirts, all in more colours than you would ever need. This coming year I am adding to our range of smaller accessories and jewellery, and making more one-off speciality items.
I am looking forward to bringing the fanciest things I can possibly make to Under the Sea!

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Summer Tales Boutique

Summer Tales Boutique is filled with Japanese Fashion and specialized in Lolita Designs. We create Lolita garments and accessories with love and dedication under our own label ‘Summer Tales’. 
We also carry various Japanese brands in our store like Yosuke Shoes, Amuse plushies and the lovely classical brand Innocent World. Have a certain design in mind? We also offer custom commissions! 
And... did you know our physical shop is less than an hour away from Amsterdam? We would love to welcome you there as well in the days around Under the Sea!

Logo square

Violet Fane

Violet Fane is a Barcelona-based lolita brand.
Their intention if to offer an European view of Japanese fashion and design exclusive print series.
The Victorian era, Fantasy & Horror stories, the Surrealism, and magic are their principal concept inspiration.



The Voodooodolly brand was born out of a personal need for gothic and royal style jewelry and accessories. Some of the many themes and inspirations seen throughout Voodooodolly are dark folk magic, macabre curiosities, religious iconography, and fashions from times gone by. Every piece is handmade one at a time to ensure the best quality and care possible. Voodooodolly has even started to release a new line of deluxe items that are uniquely sculpted and cast out of metals ranging from bronze to sterling silver.

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Remote vendors

On top of our amazing line-up of vendors, we will also have several tables of remote vending. This means that the owners of the stores will not be present themselves, but have shipped us their wares to be sold at this event. Don't miss your chance to pick up the wonderful items sold here!

Atelier Pierrot

Atelier Pierrot’s intricate designs are a must-have for every gothic lolita and we cannot wait to see what designer Yuko Ashizawa has created of late!
Atelier Pierrot is timeless, with an emphasis on design and quality. Yuko Ashizawa designs flattering tailored and corseted pieces which are then constructed in a Japanese wedding dress factory.

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Chérie Cerise

Chérie Cerise is a casual lolita & cute apparel brand from Chile. 
Since 2012 Chérie Cerise has focused on creating original designs of great quality and details that can make girls feel pretty and comfortable while keeping their own personal fashion style. Our main inspiration is the idea that everyone can look cute anytime, anywhere, that’s why we create garments in a variety of sizes and versatile designs.

Logocheriecerise 1000px

Long Ears & Sharp Ears Studio & PINK UP

Long Ears & Sharp Ears' Studio is run by lolitas for lolitas, and collaborates with talented artists to create original prints. The story behind the name is this: in a forest lived two fluffy seamstresses, one bunny (long ears) and a cat (sharp ears). A blast of wind scattered their sketches and our prints represent their journey to recover all their lost designs.

Our otome sister brand PINK UP has moved towards casual lolita with more adventurous original prints and girly motifs.

In time for our 2nd anniversary, we want to show our designs to more lolitas all over the world in 2016!

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Loputyn is a world of decadence and beauty, where rabbits, delicate Victorian girls and the dark side of the human soul are depicted in a refined and detailed style. Watercolor illustrations and comics (Cotton Tales has been published by Shockdom Edizioni) have made Loputyn a very popular artist in the lolita community. Loputyn is the pure wonder of imagination.

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Milkribbon draws illustrations inspired by worldwide femininity, the memories she collects while traveling, and Japanese pop culture. She has always been inspired by Lolita, especially when it comes to silhouettes and details. Despite loving cute things, she enjoys using darker colors when drawing, and hopes that her illustrations inspire viewers to daydream and see the the magic in everyday life.

Milkribbon has been part of various international exhibitions, among which one in Japan, and we are very excited her postcards will add a touch of beauty and magic to Under the Sea! Not many postcards will be available for sale so only a lucky few will be able to bring one home! 

Untitled 1

Mulberry Chronicles

Mulberry Chronicles illustrated dresses and accessories are a modern imagining of old world charm. We draw inspiration from history and folklore and bring worlds of whimsy and cuteness to cosy, elegant everyday clothing. The designs can be worn in lolita, otome kei and casual styles. All our products are produced and assembled ethically in Australia.

Mc logo 01

My Inspiration

My Inspiration is a young brand of handmade jewelry and accessories. My Inspiration is mostly known for their miniature embroidery pendants, brooches and handbags. All their products are characterized by attention to details, outstanding quality and finesse. The materials used for the embroideries are natural silk ribbon and pearl inlay. Every piece is one of a kind, and will become the perfect finishing touch for all your outfits.

Mi logo

Pastel Allsorts

Pastel Allsorts is overjoyed to be part of Under the Sea! We create original lolita and j-fashion illustrations, as well as accessories based on those illustrations. We are inspired by the j-fashion community around the world and aim to make that world a little bit more happy and colourful every day.
We are open for custom commissions, so don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a personalized portrait or accessory! .+:✧ヾ(。・ω・)シ

Logo square 1

Princess Royal

Princess Royal creates beautiful one-of-a-kind hand enamelled necklaces and crowns using vintage and modern components. With all kinds of accessories you're sure to find something to complete your outfit! Each item comes with an information sheet to tell you how old the components used are.

Princess Royal will also be selling fantastic eyelashes with birdcages, fleur de lys, butterflies, stars, shells, roses and more!

Untitled 3

Tokimeki Gabriel

Tokimeki Gabriel is a Japanese brand of exquisitely handmade resin jewelry that is famous for the quirky animals it often features. We are sure you will be able to find your spirit animal among the ones that will be present at Under the Sea! ♡ (˘▽˘>ԅ( ˘⌣˘)

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Victoria's Kingdom

Victoria's Kingdom is a Melbourne based designer label influenced by the roots of Gothic Lolita Fashion. Historical Fashion, Victorian and Baroque eras are prime inspiration for our work; you will often find revival pieces or historical recreations. At Victoria's Kingdom we believe in ethical fashion, and we are committed to designing making our work in Australia or places with ethical work practices.
Bespoke pieces are created by one artist, one piece, one of a kind. Become part of our story, support us on our journey and become a part of Victoria's Kingdom.

Logo 1



Below we will list all the people who have generously donated to the UTS raffle. Give them some love!

♡ Amylie Freeman ♡

♡ Ash&Rose ♡

♡ Belladonna ♡

♡ Les Bijoux de Sharuru ♡

♡ Black Unicorn ♡

♡ Bonbon Maléfique ♡

♡ BunBerry ♡

♡ Creamy a la Mode ♡

♡ Divinity Doll ♡

♡ Eat me Ink me ♡

♡ Glitter Valentine ♡

♡ Kawaii-Mori ♡

♡ Lolitabutiken.se ♡

♡ Madame Chocolat ♡

♡ Madeleine Allcock ♡

♡ Magical Dream

♡ Marie Tuonetar ♡

♡ Marshmallow Unicorn ♡

♡ MeLikesTea 

♡ Menthe Chocolat ♡

♡ MyliLu ♡

♡ Narcissique Couture ♡

♡ Raven and Rose Atelier 

♡ Risu Rose 

♡ Romantique Owl 

♡ ShinkuRose 

♡ Soufflesong 

♡ Sweet Sakura 

♡ Tenshi Shop 

♡ Titina Accesorios 

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