Victorian Maiden

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Victorian Maiden is a Classic Lolita brand. Was founded in 1999 and is one of the best-known Lolita brands. Its elegant style with a strong 19th Century European feeling has made a lot of lolitas fall in love with their designs.

We are happy to welcome Aya Nimura, Victorian Maiden’s designer, to Omnia Vanitas, where you will be able to learn more about the brand at our Q&A and chat with her during our tea party. For the first time in a Street Fashion Europe event, you will be able to see Victorian Maiden’s designs during our fashion show and buy your favourite pieces at their stall 


Imai Kira

Kira imai

Imai Kira is a well known Lolita artist that not only collaborates with the brand Angelic Pretty, but has also published illustration books and merchandise on her own and worked with writer Ayako Miyagi and a lot of different publications.

With her distinctive style and use of colour, Imai Kira’s works are easy to recognize. Their eerie mood has been inspiring lolitas all over the world for years now.

Atelier Pierrot

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You can meet Yuko Ashizawa at the event and the tea party, buy her stunning designs from her stall and listen to her talk about her brand at the Q&A.

As well as Atelier Pierrot new releases at the fashion show, you can see an outfit that she has designed especially for Omnia Vanitas! This will then be able to buy after the show - will you be the lucky person who takes it home? 

Rose Marie Seori


RoseMarie seoir has become incredibly popular in recent years and the shop has a branch in Laforet, Harajuku and two branches in Shibuya.

The brand has a very distinct style that is popular with lovers of Larme kei and other J-fashions. Whether you love mermaids, delicate pastels, edgy looks, cute and romantic accessories, RoseMarie seoir is the brand for you!  from the stall on the day and Ayumi Watanabe will also be joining our stage shows.


Leur Getter


Otome is a fashion style loved and worn by many lolitas, but an otome brand has never been a guest at any event before! This is a first for Street Fashion Europe and the J-fashion scene in general. 

This is amazing news and we are honored to welcome Leur Getter to Omnia Vanitas! This lovely otome brand is famous for their adorable prints, quirky details, and cute accessories. 
The former designer of Emily temple cute, Yuko Ando, started Leur Getter and will be happy to answer your questions! You will also be able to buy her beautiful designs and see them on the runway!

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