You might have been wondering about our theme this year. What does Omnia Vanitas mean?

For our upcoming event, we wanted to have an academic theme: think of the elegance of Elizabethan plays, the magnificence of Galileo Galilei and his scholar peers, and the eerie beauty of still life art. By choosing a Latin name, we wanted to evoke a sumptuous, elegant feel, inspired by arts, science, and all things academic.

Omnia Vanitas translates as “All is vanity,” although it can also be translated as “All is meaningless.” While it traditionally has a gloomy undertone, in our interpretation it is also meant as a celebration of life and its pleasures..

You can learn more about the theme by browsing our Pinterest board.

We hope you will be inspired by the theme, which can be interpreted in many different ways, but remember that you don’t have to follow it to attend the event!

At the event, we encourage our attendants to wear any Japanese street-styles of their choosing, but wearing J-fashion is by no means compulsory. Our only dress code rule is that replicas are not allowed. If you have specific question about the dress code you can contact us at

We cannot wait to see everybody’s unique style at Omnia Vanitas! ━☆゚.*・。・*.☆゚

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