Dress code

Street Fashion Europe team is amazed to see the warm welcome you have given to La vie en Rose. We know a few of you have some questions about the dress code. Don’t worry anymore, here all are answers!

♡ There is no mandatory dress-code for La vie en Rose main event on Saturday, 21st February 2015. Lolita, dolly-kei, gyaru, fairy kei or simply any style is welcome! This event is here for you to enjoy, no matter your style~

 The Sunday Tea Party, on the 22nd of February, will be an official Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party. Btssb Paris Tea Parties are hosted each year to thank Btssb customers. During the Tea Party, our attendees will get all the benefits of Btssb Tea Parties: a Btssb and Aatp raffle, best coordinations prizes and an official Btssb gift for every single attendee. That is why the dress-code will be a Btssb and Aatp dress-code only (for the main piece). The main piece can be a jsk, op or skirt. Please refrain from incorporating in your outfit bold visible logos or iconic characters from other brands (especially from Angelic Pretty or Metamorphose). No mandatory purchase at Btssb Paris will be asked, tickets will be put in sale the same way that Saturday’s tickets will be.

♡ Don't forget that all replicas are banned from both events out of respect for the designers and brands that have agreed to collaborate with Street Fashion Europe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at streetfashioneurope@gmail.com or on the event Facebook page!

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