You will find at La vie en Rose a selection of the best Japanese and European brands (with maybe some American exhibitors too, who knows ? ☆~(ゝ。∂)). Let's all together discover new brands and young creators! Aren't you excited to see their stalls? Headwear, dresses, blouses, socks, shoes, accessories, and much more! You will be able to find anything you want at the Harajuku & Lolita market of La vie en Rose ♡ 

The Harajuku & lolita market is a Saturday exlusive, you won't find any of those stalls at the Sunday Party.

Baby, the stars shine bright


       Created in 1988 by Akinori Isobe and his wife, Fumiyo, Btssb has quickly became one of the most iconic lolita brand. With its dreamy designs, beautiful laces, precious fabrics, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright — and its gothic side, Alice and the Pirates — stole everything Japanese and European lolita's hearts. 
       We are glad to welcome the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Paris store at La vie en Rose! You will be able to discover and buy a selection of the best items from the Parisian shop. From head to toe, you will be able to buy yourself a whole new wardrobe.



      Street Fashion Europe is very happy to announce that Grimoire will be attending La vie en Rose! Grimoire now carries original designs (dresses, tights, accessories and more). Many items from the new collection will be displayed during the fashion show, and will be sold at their dedicated stall.

Himitsu by Syrup.

       We are very pleased to announce that our guest Ayumi Watanabe and her brand Himitsu by Syrup will also have a stall at La vie en Rose!

       The brand Himitsu by Syrup has a soft and feminine image, with modern touches. Syrup is the creator of a new trend that has been very successful since 2008. This cute brand has quickly become a favourite among European fashion enthusiasts! We hope you are ready to dive into a world of cute sweetness!

Triple Fortune

       TRIPLE FORTUNE, two words that sound like a spell to make every Lolita's eyes sparkle

        SFE is extremely proud to announce this European exclusive: BABI and KAIE, the founders of the famous brand Triple Fortune, have chosen La vie en Rose to make their first European appearance. They will have a booth for their brand on saturday, and will bring various Triple Fortune items, including their legendary bonnets.


      We are very happy to announce that Lockshop Wigs will be a vendor at La vie en Rose! They are also offering their high quality wigs for the fashion show, as an exclusive collaboration with Street Fashion Europe 

      Lockshop Wigs is an European wig brand that sells original designed wigs, as well as some accessories. While the brand originally mainly meant to cater to lolita styles and other Japanese fashion, they now have all kinds of customers all over the world, and their wigs are great for both dressing up and casual wear.

La vie en Rose — select stall

       Atelier Pierrot will send a selection of their clothes to be sold exclusively at La vie en Rose. The Atelier Pierrot label is timeless, with an emphasis on design and quality. Yuko Ashizawa designs flattering tailored and corseted pieces which are then constructed in a wedding dress factory.


        Founded in 2004, Juliette et Justine is with no doubt one of the most influent and popular Classic brands. Juliette & Justine designer, Mari Nakamura, makes her speciality of designing romantic prints using motifs from classical paintings and literature. We’re looking forward to offer you Juliette et Justine clothes and accessories for sale at La vie en Rose!

       Forest fairies, lovers of everything sweet, you will all rejoice in knowing the fanciful brand Peppermint Fox will send their lovely clothes and accessories to be sold at La vie en Rose. Peppermint Fox creates charming clothing and accessories for everyday adventure. Featuring whimsical illustration inspired by tea, old fables and afternoons in the forest, each collection advances the Peppermint Fox story. Each item is handmade with care in Melbourne, Australia..

       Baroque is a lolita indie brand based in Korea. They make lolita style clothes with original prints as well as in black and muted colors. They are famous for their elaborate designs, elegant prints and their beautiful glittershoes. Their latest release (Rapunzel, imprisoned princess) is the result of a collaboration with the famous artist Sakizou.

      Evil Live is a Korean brand specialized in the creation of bags for lolitas. They will send some bags to be sold during La vie en Rose, including their very popular heart bags! Don’t miss this opportunity ♡

      Evil Live recently released their “School of Lolita” bags in many colors. All their beautiful bags are made with care and are very spacious, and each can be worn in many different ways!

Lorina Liddell

        "Kawaii” is now a globally recognized term that is often associated with Japanese fashion, specific to Harajuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku area. With these phrases booming worldwide, Japanese fashion is becoming popular everywhere. Lorina Liddell is taking a step further, providing the best quality of Gothic and Lolita fashion that is unique to Japan.

We aim to share how valuable couture fashion is, not just for parties or special occasions, but fashionable and wearable clothing of excellent quality for everyday too.

The feeling of excitement and satisfaction to wear something of great craftsmanship, this is what Lorina Liddell is all about!

Atelier Dormir

       Atelier Dormir is an independent clothing brand from Scotland. It's main and much loved products are lush bespoke undergarments. Underskirts, bloomers, over skirts and petticoats are their specialty. With comfort as key priority, they have also moved into skirts and dresses, all as plush and easy to wear as their undergarments : they are designed with practicability and regular wearing in mind.

Cloudberry Lady

       Elegance and originality will be represented at La Vie en Rose by the Finnish brand Cloudberry Lady with a very special collection of hats, shoes and much more! Cloudberry lady is a Finnish lolita fashion brand founded in 2009 specialised in both millinery and dress making. Cloudberry Lady has become famous for the custom-made leather bat shoes, the Renaissance inspired dress worn by Midori, and for their hats and bonnets which are also available at the ATELIER PIERROT store in Tokyo.

Fidel David

      Second star to the right. Clean up the clouds if they don´t allow you to see the sky. It´s the sky where everyone dreams when we close the eyes every night. Each dream is changing, like the dreamer. Each dreamer is his freedom´s owner in his ballroom.

      And wielding the needles, with a foot in dreamland and other in reality, we can find Fidel David and his work. Among lace and organza, silk and velvet. Every design belongs to one concept, where imagination dances freely to its own rhythm. Unique, as every stitch. Inspired and daring, like the mind of the insomniacs.

      Open the music box, and open your eyes wide. Dreams become fabric and visit daylight.

Kawaii Mania


       Since 2007, the French brand Kawaii Mania has been an integral part of the Lolita landscape. Behind the scenes the talented designer, Isabelle alias CoeurChoco creates a variety of accessories (necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches, wrist cuffs, charms, earrings, and headbows) for many different styles: Kawaii, Sweet Lolita, Fairy Kei, Mori kei, Hime and more. Their motto is: originality, perfection and quality.


      Li-Paro is a small indie-clothing brand from Germany. Their main inspiration is lolita fashion, from casual to classic and everything else that catches Li-Paro's eye. They are working on one of a kind items, but they also collaborate with an illustrator to create original prints and tights designs. Recently, Li-Paro has started to make jewelry with real flowers - to match all the flower themed dresses. They wish to encourage their customers to be different and colourful, have fun and enjoy themselves! They will also bring their sub-label Rumour&Whisper with a more v/kei and gothic influence to LVER.

Lolita Butiken

      Lolitabutiken is very happy to attend La vie en Rose and will bring not only items from their in house brand Ergi by Piratessan but also items from Japanese and Korean brands such as Innocent World, Metamorphose, LIEF and Evil Live. They also carry a wide assortment of Chocomint accessories and select second hand items.

Menthe Chocolat

      Menthe Chocolat is a French clothing and accessories indie brand from japanese inspiration. Created in 2010, it started to be known for its lolita custom prints. Since, the brand was registred and tends to a modern and mature style, while keeping the "Kawaii and Cute" touch.

Miss Danger

      Miss Danger is a new brand from Russia. We make gothic&lolita hats, bonnets, headdresses and some lolita accessories. We run our brand with a strong passion for lolita fashion, historical eras and elegant styles. Our aesthetics is between fashion and theater and has been heavily influenced by both.

      We believe details are the most important features of a perfect look and we will be happy to add some unique elements to your outfits.

Moon Bunny

      Moon Bunny is a cute jewelry brand based in Russia which launched in June 2012. The concept itself has been inspired by Japanese street fashion trends and some artists who use nontraditional colors and styles. All the items are totally handmade, they always put a lot of passion and love in our work. They are trying their best to create a little fairytale in each piece. Moon bunny creations are dedicated to people who love bright colors, adore cute things and want to create their own unique style

Moss Märchen

      Moss Märchen is an accessories brand from the USA featuring delicate handmade pieces for fairytale witches and forest maidens everywhere. The Moss Märchen style is influenced by antique girlhood, fairy and folk tales,and woodland witchery

Narcissique Couture

      We are happy to welcome Narcissique Couture to La vie en Rose for their first international event Narcissique Couture loves to design eccentric clothes for narcissistic ladies. Their designs are based on melancholic, antique and decadent fashions, inspired by the gothic & lolita subculture but also by many other styles: steampunk, pin-up, rococo, victorian... Welcome to their world!


      Owloli is a French designer who produces all kinds of accessories and clothes. Her inspiration comes from Japanese fashions like Lolita, Mori and Dolly Kei. Her creations featuring laces, veils, pearls, feathers and delicate flowers would fit any style! She will also sell exclusive La vie en Rose chokers, in collaboration with our talented graphic designer Marie Tuonetar!

Sweet & Tiny

       Sweet & Tiny's style is strongly influenced by French patisseries and romantic Lolita style. Its mission is to make clay deco sweets more popular among Classic and Gothic Lolitas, offering romantic shabby style dessert jewellery, and also among individuals who are not familiar with this type of crafts so popular in Japan.

Summer Tales Boutique

      Summer Tales Boutique is filled with Japanese Fashion and Specialized in Lolita Designs. They create Lolita garments and accessories with love and dedication under their own label ‘Summer Tales’. They also carry various Japanese brands in their store like Yosuke Shoes and Amuse plushies and since June this year they’re an official dealer of Innocent World. Have a certain design in mind? They also offer custom commissions!

Violet Fane

      Violet Fane is a new Barcelona-based lolita brand. Their intention is to offer an European view of the Japanese fashion and make exclusive dresses with the best possible quality. The Victorian era, fantasy and horror stories, Surrealism and "Anne of Green Gables" are their principal conceptinspiration.

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