Baby, the Stars Shine Bright


       Street Fashion Europe team is glad to announced its first guest: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright! Created in 1988 by Akinori Isobe and hiw wife, Fumiyo, Btssb has quickly became one of the most iconic lolita brand. With its dreamy designs, beautiful laces, precious fabrics, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright — and is gothic side, Alice and the Pirates — stole everything Japanese and European lolitas' heart. 
       Baby, the Stars Shine Bright has twenty-seven stores in Japan, two in the U.S.A. and one in Paris! Opened in 2007, the parisian shop has been delighting lolitas from all over France and Europe for seven years now. 
       Baby, the Stars Shine Bright is honouring Street Fashion Europe by becoming their guest of honour and offering you an amazing fashion show including their new exclusive collections during La vie en Rose! How exciting! Aren't you looking forward to attending La vie en Rose ? But there is more to come! Street Fashion Europe will also be hosting the Btssb Paris shop official Tea Party on the following day. Holdind a Tea Party with all European (and even worldwide!) customers is such a great gift in order to celebrate their 8th anniversary. More information will come soon 

Himitsu by Syrup.

       We are very pleased to announce our guest Ayumi Watanabe and her brand Himitsu by Syrup!

       The brand Himitsu by Syrup has a soft and feminine image, with modern touches. Syrup is the creator of a new trend that has been very successful since 2008. This cute brand has quickly won the hearts of European fashion enthusiasts!

       Syrup will have their own sales booth during the event. Ayumi Watanabe, founder of the brand, will also be interviewed during the event and will gladly answer your questions!

       We hope you are ready to dive into a world of cute sweetness!



      Street Fashion Europe is very happy to announce that Grimoire will be attending La vie en Rose! Hitomi Nomura, founder and head designer, will join the event as Grimoire’s representative.

       Grimoire now carries original designs (dresses, tights, accessories and more). Many items from the new collection will be displayed during the fashion show, and will be sold at their dedicated stall.

        This is the first time Grimoire will attend an event in France and we are all very happy to be welcoming Hitomi and Grimoire to La vie en Rose! (*^▽^*)

Triple Fortune



       TRIPLE FORTUNE, two words that sound like a spell to make every Lolita's eyes sparkle (*˙︶˙*) ⁎⁺˳✧༚

        SFE is extremely proud to announce this European exclusive: BABI and KAIE, the founders of the famous brand Triple Fortune, have chosen La vie en Rose to make their first European appearance.

       They will have a booth for their brand on saturday, and will bring various Triple Fortune items, including their legendary bonnets ( ˘ ³˘) ♡ A fashion show of their latest collection will be presented to you at their request! BABI and KAIE have more than one string to their bow, and you will be able to discover more during BABI’s exclusive talk show and Q&A at La vie en Rose!


Gothic & Lolita Bible


       Street Fashion Europe has many surprises in store for this new year! We are very happy to announce that the iconic lolita magazine, Gothic & Lolita Bible, will be with us for both La vie en Rose and the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party.

       A photographer and a journaliste from Gothic & Lolita Bible will come and do report on the event, along with their exciting snap pictures. We hope many of you will be happy to find their picture in the magazine !

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