Photographers & Videographers

Aching for a new profile picture for Instagram or Facebook? Not to worry! The people listed below will be present at Under the Sea to ensure you will have plenty of pictures to remember the event by. Are you excited? We sure are! ╰(✧∇✧)╯

Anh Binh

We are thrilled to announce Anh Binh Photography will be back at Under the Sea as an official photographer! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ Cannot wait to see his outfit shots once again (*^^*)♡

I am a photographer from Germany who has started with fashion photography in 2012.
I mostly work together with girls with an interesting fashion style such as Lolita, Mori, Gyaru, Maids, Punk-Rock, etc.
I set great value upon a good styling and a love for details - also for my choice of locations, light and atmosphere.
If you like me to take some photos of you don't hesitate to ask me at Under the Sea.

C0re2 Photography

Two young photographers are coming to Under the Sea and we are elated to introduce them to you tonight! They love beauty in all its forms and we cannot wait to see the moments they will capture at Under the Sea ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

C0re2 Photography is a project of two Italian young women with an intense passion for photography.
We seek beauty and look for it and all its aspects, hidden as they may be.
We love to travel, open our eyes wide and capture everything that touches our heart and senses, with amazement and emotion.
We have a project: never stop learning and experimenting.
C0re2 is the result of our inspiration, energy and inventive.

Sanni Siira

We are honored to announce photographer Sanni Siira will join us at Under the Sea as one of our official photographers! Her pictures are works of art and she has distinguished herself already at Regalia, Hellocon, and many other events. Thanks so much and please give her a warm welcome ♡ (˘▽˘>ԅ( ˘⌣˘)

Sanni Siira (born in 1989, Helsinki, Finland) is a young photographer and a student at Lahti Institute of design and fine arts. She currently works on portraits and stage arts. 
Sanni's personal work concentrates on lolita fashion. These characters are pictured as fragile yet strong-willed persons. The ideas and inspiration comes from nature, literature, northern mythologies and pictorialism.

Simone van der Steen

Photographer Simone van der Steen is our final official photographer at Under the Sea! Please give her a warm welcome, we are looking forward to seeing her pictures (´。• ω •。`) ♡

My name is Simone van der Steen a young photographer from the Netherlands. I have worn lolita fashion for many years myself. Even though I'm not a lolita anymore. I still love the fashion and enjoying photographing it, alongside other J-fashions. I mostly photograph portraits, fashion and events.

Videographer: My Inspiration

We are very excited to announce My Inspiration will be back as our official videographers! If you enjoyed their reports of Enchanted and La Vie en Rose as much as we did you will be happy to know they will be at Under the Sea as well (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

My Inspiration it’s a video channel, dedicated to the world of Japanese street fashion. 
On the My Inspiration channel you can watch reports about fashion shows, tea parties, festivals and other interesting events in Russia and around the world.

The My Inspiration team specializes in informative reports and you will be able to immerge yourself into the atmosphere of each of the event and look at it through the eyes of its participants.
You can watch My Inspiration reports on YouTube: and on Vimeo:

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