01) Thanks so much to Worlds End for featuring Enchanted, it is a honor! Worlds End is the blog for the Vivienne Westwood boutique at 30 King’s Road, London.And congrats to the beautiful ladies who got featured, you look stunning!

02) Nihongogo, a Japanese entertainment news website from the US have written about Minori and Enchanted!  shironuri-artist-minori-going-to-london-for-enchanted-event

03) Lorina Lidell, select shop for various Japanese brands, have attended Enchanted as special guest and blogged out the event! Thank you for coming!

04) Event review  from the  League of extraordinary Cosplayers.

05) Our official EGL recap post

06)  Belgian Cupcakes Magazine ( BCM ) issue # 18 includes a photographic report on page 27-28. You can download the pdf here .Thanks to our official photographers and to BCM for featuring Enchanted!

07) A great interview to Heroine Syndrome by League of Extraordinary cosplayers about their experience at Enchanted and more. Please click here for the article.

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We are very pround that Kawaii International ( NHK World ) featured us in the episode number 23 which went on air on 26th & 27th April 2014 


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The Enchanted event has been featured in MyM Magazine issue 26( thank you Saoirse Clohessy for writing the article )

and also in  NEO Magazine, Issue 124 ( thanks to Mary-Ann Russon  for the photo )


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Some great blog posts about Enchanted!

-Blogs from organisers, photographers and vendors

01) atelierdormir.blogspot ( vendor )

02) deer-alice.blogspot ( organiser )

03) marietuonetar.blogspot I , part II  and part  III ( photographer )

04) cutetravels.com ( organiser )

05) Lunieshop.com part I , part IIpart IIIpart IV, part V ( organiser )

06) red-tonic.blogspot ( organiser )

07) roxiesweetheart.blogspot ( vendor )

08) http://myaumania.com/ ( donator )

09) http://www.rosaneve.com ( in Italian, donator )


-Blogs from our lovely attendants

01) libbypeaches.tumblr.com

02) cemeterydreamer.blogspot

03) fireextinquisher.blogspot

04) ookahblog.blogspot

05) geishababy.blogspot

06) anthropophagie at livejournal ( in French )

07) laceteapot.co.uk part I and part II

08) camelie-fiolere.blogspot.

09) luna-rain.blogspot part I   and part II

10) lolita-glamour.blogspot part I and part II

11) finnythewise.tumblr



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Videos on Youtube

01) Video by Nadina Osmani

02) Video by Amelia Grisdale

03) Vlog from CrazysporkIam about Enchanted event

04) Vlog from CrazysporkIam about Enchanted teaparty

05) Minori says thank you to all who gave her gifts at Enchanted

06) Enchanted Fashion show , by Akari Hino

07) Minori´s make up tutorial on stage, by Madmoiselle Rachel Rose

08) Heroine Syndrome - Live Acoustic @ Enchanted 05/14/14

09) Vlog from Taylor Williams

10) Video featuring stalls from Madmoiselle Rachel Rose#

11) Enchanted feature by Akari Hino

12) Enchanted tea party feature by Akari Hino


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Pictures from both Enchanted event and teaparty

01) Our official Flickr album 

02) Our offcial Tumblr with event and other inspirational pictures

03) Instragram of one of our organizers

04) Pictures from Saoirse Clohessy Photography on FB ( official photographer )

05) Anh Binh Photography on FB

06) Pictures from one of our donators, Myau Mania on FB


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Our Offical photographers

Saoirse Clohessy Photography

Ania Oz. de Lejarazu Photography

League of Extraordinary Cosplayers

Marie Tuonetar Photography


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